Flavio Roddolo, Barbera d'Alba Bricco Appiani (2011)

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Unfined & Unfiltered

333 cases produced


If you hang around with older wine nerds, back-vintage Barbera d’Alba is one of the rewards.   Aged Barbera has a depth and resonance that brings the grape into line with mature Nebbiolo, tertriary flavors and shadings that can be not unlike a more lithe version of Barolo. There’s often a deep, singing-in-the background kind of vibe that is unmistakably a sign of the most profound traditional piemontese wines, though usually those are Barolo & Barbaresco.   Only some Barbera are worth the time of course, and they are generally from Alba.  We think Roddolo is one of the top ten Barbera in this class.  But, while we can sell you a bottle of Conterno for about the same price, you’ll have to age that yourself.  Got ten years?  Maybe none of us do.  Luckily Roddolo’s done the aging for you!  Like his Dolcetto, this fantastic wine is in its prime.  We carried this wine last year in a previous vintage and it was much beloved.