Franck Besson, Sparkling Rosé Granit NV Magnum

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Variety: Gamay Region: Burgundy, France Size: 1.5L Organic
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Frank Besson is a true iconoclast. There is no legal designation for method Champenoise Gamay made in Beaujolais, or anywhere else for that matter. Go ahead, Google it! Franck's very independent vision sprang from his frustration that the extremely high quality of his grapes was being overlooked simply because his vines are not within a Cru appellation of Beaujolais. Farmed Organically, hand harvested on slopes of dense granite and located near the town of Jullié at the foothill of the Cru Juliénas and on the terroir of Beaujolais-Villages, Franck decided that he must do something completely different to call attention to the quality and he did.

About the producer
Franck Besson is an ex-history and biology professor who took over his father-in-law’s estate located in town of Julié in Beaujolais-Villages at the foothill of Cru Juliénas. Revolted by the poor image that was being associated with Beaujolais Villages wines, Franck Besson decided to innovate and produce Rosé and Blanc de Noir sparkling wines to prove the potential of Gamay grapes on the granitic slopes of Beaujolais. 100% organic and hand harvested his wines are nothing but a success; they will change your opinion of Gamay forever. Employing Méthode Tradtionnelle, as they do in champagne, his sparkling wines are aged 12 months on wooden racks imparting brilliant finesse and flavor.

“The Gamay is a chameleon varietal allowing me as a winemaker to be able to juggle between audacity and tradition”.