Sundstrom Cider, Cider / Cider 2018

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Variety: Northern Spy Apple Region: New York, USA Size: 750 ml
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About the producer
SUNDSTRÖM CIDER is a small cider producer based in NY’s Hudson Valley, dedicated to the pursuit of vinous, age-worthy ciders reflective of varietal typicity and individual terroirs.
We focus on heirloom varieties, many native to the Northeastern United States, as well as wild harvested apples, various species of crabapples, and traditional cider varieties.

Traditional methods are employed in the cellar, with minimal intervention, in an effort to express the maximum potential and detail of each apple’s contribution to the ciders.

LEIF SUNDSTRÖM began Sundström Cider after nearly 10 years of working in the wine industry. Beginning in Portland, OR Leif worked as opening beverage director for Le Pigeon restaurant before transitioning to more intimate aspects of the wine industry; first, as harvest assistant and cellar hand at Boedecker Cellars and later moving to NYC to work as Portfolio Manager of Terry Theise Estate Selections at Skurnik Wines.

After leaving Skurnik, Leif worked at Weingut Leitz in Rüdesheim, Germany where the aspirations to pursue cider really took hold. Upon returning to the US, Leif moved to the Hudson Valley to endeavor the challenge of producing cider, and the impacts of terroir and agriculture on its ultimate potential.