Werlitsch, Werlitsch (Skin contact Chard/Sauv) (2012)

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Variety: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc Region: Steiermark, Austria Size: 750 ml Organic
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Orange wines from Werlitsch have a particular elgance and directness to them that's hard to match. I tasted through most of their offerings over the last few months and the current release of the Freude is nowhere near ready. The Gluck is pretty excellent but it leans a little heavily in the direction of sauvignon blanc. There were otheres, but the last I tasted, this Werlisch Werlitsch was my favorite by far, showing all the balance we've come to expect from the Freude. Bright orange rind and brassy orchard fruit with a little allpsice and just a touch of nuttiness. A lot going on here, and there's a nice long finish. Seamlessly integrated tannins - how often do you get to say that about Chardonnay?